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ceroc history

the story began in 1945 in a small bar in paris. it was here that ceroc's fusion of latin passions, jive, ballroom & dirty dancing took place. ceroc's dance style is also known as french latin or modern jive, is very popular, great fun fitness, danced & taught worldwide including europe, new zealand & australia.

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from the beginning ceroc has understood the dancers desire to have fun, be stylish, be easy to learn along with complimenting their well-being and fitness in a relaxed environment. ceroc's understanding of the essence of dance has inspired many to fall in love with its style. as the years followed ceroc's dance style has further evolved intertwining various forms of dance, style, elegance, attitude, expression by combining many floor & aerial moves, making it a truly innovative dance & inspirational to watch. since its debut, for every dancer, ceroc has captured their hearts & body and developed friendships and bonds that last a lifetime!

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ceroc is fun, easy to learn, danced to today latest top 40 grooves.

Ceroc Melb Venues 2015

Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance
Level 1, 64 Sutton St North Melbourne
THURSDAY NIGHTS (will not run 24 Sept)
Rosamond Bowling Cub
114-118 Rosamond Rd Maribyrnong

7.30pm $18.50pp / Existing VIP $16.50pp
First timer pass $75 for 5 classes
(Valid for 6 weeks)
5 class pass normally priced at $85
Cash only!

Vic Champs 2016

29 April - 1 May 2016

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